Blog Entry No 1

Diary Number: First Day in Granada


Daily Summary

Today I went to my work placement. I will be working in Galapagos Montessori school. I met the manager and had a quick look at the school.It was my induction day. I liked the outdoor environment. I am looking forward to come back there tomorrow. After lunch we had walking tour around granada city.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

I met the manager of the school. I will be more comfortable to come back there tomorrow. I found out what exactly I will be doing for next two weeks. I also got to know Granada city a little bit.

Challenges Encountered

Language barrier was really big challenge but I hope I will learn a little bit more.public transport scared me a bit too because I have to take bus to the work placement.


I felt a bit uncomfortable at the start because I didnt know where I am going and what school is like. I also felt uncomfortable because I couldnt speak Spanish but once I went to work placement I felt that techers are really nice


Today I walked a lot around Granada city. I found university so I went inside and It looked absolutely amazing. I also went to to cathedral.

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