Day 1









Diary Number: 1

Date: 12/11/2018

Daily Summary

Today I went to visit my work placement as it was an induction day. Myself and my class mate were shown around how things are done and we got to visit the children and got introduced to some of the staff. After we went to see the school, we had a tour around Granada city at 4 o’clock. We got to see old historian buildings like the Court house and monuments.  after the tour we had our free time then and got time to enjoy the rest of the evening.


Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

What I learned from today was that I got to learn new Spanish names and meet new people and tried to put myself out there.  Learned about the history of Granada and the buildings and monuments.

Challenges Encountered

challenges I encountered was the language barrier… not being able to speak the language properly was a challenge as I couldn’t understand what people were saying and being able to communicate to the children.


How I felt today when visiting my work placement for the first day was so over whelming as the language barrier was a problem for me and seeing the children was heart breaking.


we walked around Granada all day and seeing different things was amazing. got to see different views and we got to see so many different Spanish cultures.

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