Hotel Molinos and Flamenco

Diary Number: 2

Date: 13.11.2018

Daily Summary: Hotel Molinos and Flamenco

I arrived at my work place at 8.00a.m. We had a quick start, a receptionist in hotel Malinos does everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Started with preparing and serving breakfast…ohh, did I mention I am also a waitress? Speaking of a Jack of all trades…

Hotel Molinos is very compact. It contains of two buildings, one have 9 rooms and the other building have 11 rooms. There is one reception for both buildings. What does the reception contain of? Well, behind the desk there is the kitchen- yesss, the kitchen: a sink, dishwasher, coffee machine, toaster, kettle, cups, plates and cutlery. We also have a lot of filing cabinets, a computer, printer, telephones and all other office equipment.

Ohhh, how could I forget the dining area in the lobby??! There are 4 tables to facilitate dining for 20 rooms. So yes, time management is essential. I need to take the orders, prepare the food and clean up straight after so the next guests arriving can dine. Let me tell you one thing, there is no time for slaking.

Breakfast finished at 10:30 and I was introduced to their accounting software, checking bookings, answering emails, verifying payment cards and their filing system. At the end, my supervisor told me that today was quiet… I cannot wait to see what it is like when it is actually BUSY…

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day:

1. Familiar with new software.

2. Paper filing system. It’s good to experience the paper filing system, it makes you appreciate the advanced software that does it all for us.

Challenges Encountered:

Again, the challenge encountered was the language, it was hard to understand people’s orders at first.


Overall, I think the day went pretty well, it was busy but that made the time fly.

Cultural: Flamenco

In the evening we enjoyed an hour long show of flamenco. Flamenco is a Spanish form of art which consists of a dancer, guitarist and a singer.

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