Blog Entry Day 3

Diary Number: 3

Date: 14/11/2018

Daily Summary


Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

I learnt an awful lot today. I was cross checking room types to booking details. At check in I was inputting guests passport details through the system. Familiarised myself with invoicing through Excel forms and include any extras charged to the room.

Challenges Encountered

Again the language barrier is a issue but its getting easier. I understood a lot more today. A guest had asked me in Spanish coud I put his luggage in the hold for a few hours and i understood perfectly what he was asking. When he came back for it I was delighted to know what he was looking for and without asking the staff for help I just went and got it for him.


I’m very pleased with my progress in the job. I only need to be told something once, and I know I am of good use to the staff. I feel we are doing work that is needed to be done rather than work just created to keep us busy.


The sights in Granada are spectacular, I particularly like the street art.

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