Blog Entry Day 4

Diary Number:4


Daily summary

Placement was different today I got to see the routine’s of the teacher more and be more involved with the running of the class. I enjoyed hearing Spanish nursery rhymes and the children enjoyed teaching them to me. I helped with the activities and then they played outside. I then went to help feed children in another class room and get them ready for their nap time. After work I went to see another part of town and Walked around  some shops and bought souvenirs for my family.

Learning and positive aspects of the day

I am really enjoying my placement I think the staff are fantastic with the kids. I am gaining loads of ideas on teaching the kids back home.

Challenges encountered

Being with the Spanish teachers today really highlighted the language barrier but it was also fun to try and communicate

Self evaluation

I feel I’m doing well in my placement I got feed back today and they said I’m doing great and they’re really pleased with me it’s good to get feedback so I know they are happy too.

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