Day 5 Granada work placement Friday fun

Diary Number: 5
Date: 1
6 of November 2018

Daily Summary

It’s Friday! We started the day with practical life. The students were folding clothes and learning proper ways to do fold shirts, pants, trousers socks and underclothing. Some of the students knew how to fold and were confident to show the class that they help out at home. Others took a little longer but everyone got there in the end. They also practiced hanging clothes up on a drying rack.

After recess, the children went outside and did Zumba! The staff helped some of the children to move, by holding their arms and others were able to get out their wheelchairs and be helped up to dance. Some of the students went to the front and lead the class!

Two of the staff members left today and the children were emotional. It was a sad day for them to see them go.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

With the educational side of things from college, I can see the staff encouraging motor skills and independence. Training for adult life by also providing a safe and secure foundation. Children thrive here, it’s evident in their faces. It’s a wonderful place.

Challenges Encountered

Maybe I should of got up and danced! I felt a bit silly to do so but it could of been fun! Next time I think I will get over being self conscious and let go a little.


Skills I definitely need to improve on are taking initiative. I felt out of place and unsure of myself at times not knowing if I’m in the right place or maybe feeling like I’m in the way. I overthink which results in being unproductive.


The Spanish love to dance! Staff, volunteers , practicing students and the children all enjoyed the “Zumba”

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