Blog Entry Day 5

Diary Number: 5

Date: 16/11/2018

Daily Summary

It’s hard to imagine I’ve my first week down at Hotel Carlos V. I have enjoyed every aspect of it and I can honestly say I’ve learnt loads. I’m looking forward to going back on Monday for week 2. The staff are very nice and are teaching us lots of relevant administration work. Thumbs up to Hotel Carlos V. šŸ‘

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

I’m enjoying getting the opportunity to speak Spanish on a daily basis. I must be using the word ‘cool’ a lot to describe what I see, so I was told today that I should use the Spanish word ‘quay’ instead. It’s pronounced like ‘why’. When I’m passing on a credit card number, telephone number or room number I now say them inĀ  Spanish. Because I’m using them daily I’m becoming a lot more familiar with them, making it easier to remember in the long term.

Challenges Encountered

Today I had to balance incoming and outgoing accounts andĀ  I was worried my totals wouldn’t match up but thankfully they did.


I’m loving the experience of working in hotel administrationĀ  and I even thinkĀ  this is the career path I’d like to investigate more into.


I’ve surprised myself with trying the local cuisine and tasting all the tapas etc on offer in the bars.Ā 

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