Blog Entry Day 3

Diary Number: 3

Date: 14/11/18

Daily Summary

Today i went to my work placement and went to one of nurses/childcare assistant Juani as she is my supervisor through out the week and gave her my time sheets and supervision sheet. In placment i was in Marife’s room and I did a bit of observing as i couldnt do much as i was getting use to the place but i did try to be hands on and help with the children. I was with a psychologist for some of the day and was helping bringing the children to the multisensorial stimulation room and i was hands on as i got to interact with the children and had to lift them to one spot to another. Children today i was dealing with were ages 6-9.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

What i learned fron today is that the children enjoy being in the sensory room as it helps them to calm down when angry, stressed etc and makes them relaxed as there is soft music playing and lava lamps in their with little fish in them and it distracts them too.

Challenges Encountered

Challenges i encountered today was the language barrier but also trying to interact with the children as i got much more of a chance to deal with them and interact but language barrier was in the way.


Going into work placment i was much happier in going to work and i had learned so much more about what happend in multisensory rooms and how the children feel.


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