Blog Entry Day 5

Diary Number: 5

Date: 16/11/18

Daily Summary

Today I went to my work placement. When I arrived I went to Marife’s room. To start off the day the children arrived at the room and I helped the children get their coats off and got the facilities they needed. Throughout the day I was a little hands on lifting the children to one point to another. I got to observe the children doing some art and crafts also and later that day, the children did Zumba. While they did Zumba myself and my class mate stayed and watched for a while but was able to head away early.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

Giving the children a chance to get fresh air. Allowing the children to develop in ways they can and allowing them to interact.

Challenges Encountered

Didn’t encounter any challenges at this time.


Was bit out of my comfort zone as it didn’t do much today and I felt isolated as the language barrier was there.

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