Blog Entry

Diary Number: 7

Date: 20.11.2018

Daily Summary:

As usual we start our morning off by serving breakfast. Today we had some awkward guest but it was handled well.

After breakfast we were checking guests in and out. We logged their information in the police system.

Near the end of the day we summed up the cash box and made sure both sides of the trial balance matched up.


Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day:

While doing our tasks for the day we were left on our own which was a little challenging. It was nice to see that we were trusted to be on our own. We bonded very well with all the staff at Hotel Molinos and it’s nice to feel welcomed.


Challenges Encountered:

As we were left alone to work on our tasks the language barrier was a small problem but we handled it very well and got the task done without mistakes.



I think we handled the day well and we got what we were supposed to do done.



In the evening time our group went to a bar for craft beer tasting. It was a lovely bar and the owner was very welcoming. The beers were served with some tapas. The first beer was pale ale which was served with Serrano ham, crackers, olive oil and green olives. The second beer was IPA which was served with cheeses, crackers and olive oil. The last beer was porter and that was served with dark chocolate with jelly on top.

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