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Diary Number: 8

Date: 21.11.2018

Daily Summary:

Started off the morning serving breakfast.

After breakfast we went through all the cancellations and took them off the list of guests staying. We checked the payment cards of the new guests coming to stay. We entered the new guests into the police system. When we had all our tasks completed we took the cards to the room of a guest arriving late to the receptionist of Carlos V which is the sister hotel to Hotel Molinos where we are.


Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day:

We got to see how stricked the police system is here. Every guest over the age of 16 is entered into the police system with their passport or ID cards.

It was nice that we were trusted to bring the cards to the other hotel and that we were trusted to enter the guests information.


Challenges Encountered:

Some of the payment cards didn’t go through so we had to send an email to where the booking was made so they could inform the guest that the card didn’t go through and to either send  it again or the room will be cancelled.


I think we handled the situation with the cards well and we didn’t get lost bringing the cards to the other hotel.



After work we went to visit Alhambra which was Amazing! The views are spectacular. It’s beautifully laid out. It’s a pitty the weather let us down but it was still an amazing day.

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