Erasmus Day 9

Diary Number: 9

Date: 22/11/2018

Daily Summary

This morning I just noticed that the curriculum the children learn English from is a Cambridge programme. It is based on stories and things like family , shops , School it deals with people , objects and actions.

I spent the morning working with both groups ages 3 & 4. The first lesson was a video of flash cards they were from a website called maple leaf talking flash cards. Then the Greenman video spoke about actions EG : getting honey from a pot and the actions to do this the children love the Greenman , there is also an element of play therapy there as he also deals with feelings , happy , sad.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

There are many great programmes in Nova School , mental health awareness , healthy eating programmes , women in science , renewable energy education , science projects , to name a few that I have noticed.

I am learning how good flash cards are for children when it incorporates an image they seem to find it easier to remember the words.The character or any related character to actions works well for action words or feelings. The other thing I forgot to mention is that the jnr class have a Buddy system whereby the older kids come to accompany them for small break , I think this is a fantastic idea.

Challenges Encountered

I had a student that was upset leaving his parents but with a little bit of play on the floor with some bricks he slowly came around. Then he sat with me playing quietly for a little while.


I am learning patience and ways to diffuse a situation through play and coming down to the child’s level.


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