Last day

Diary Number: 10

Date: 23.11.2018

Daily Summary

Today was a happy but sad day. I am happy that I am going home on Sunday but I also got attached to my work colleagues and it was sad leaving them behind.

At 16:00 we had a tour to the highest viewing point in Granada.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

I have made friends for life and I think that’s what made my work experience so enjoyable.


Challenges Encountered

It was hard saying goodbye.



I am happy over all with the work experience. I think I learned a lot in the two weeks and I really enjoyed it. I got good complements from my supervisors.


At 16:00 we had a tour to the highest viewing point in Granada, Mirador De San Miguel Alto.  Up in the mountains there are people that live in caves… yes caves. Real cave men.

My expectations of them were like from a movie but they actually turned out lovely. They are like real old houses and in fact very warm. We met one of the cave man. It is a very lonely place and away from people but just a two minute walk and there is a little camping site. It was a 9km walk up and down the mountain but well worth it.


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