Blog Entry: 01

Diary Number: 01

Date: 12/11/18


Daily Summary

Today we had our introduction day in Granada. we meet with our tourist guild outside our apartment, he brought us to our work placement. it took us 30 mins by bus to get to our work placement. when we got there we meet with the manager, he shows us the childcare center and then we meet with the English teacher (Hanna) and explained what we are going to be doing in the next two weeks. later on, we meet the staff and they should us the room where we were going to be working with the children.  Hannah then told us that we are going to be working with pre-school children the following morning.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

The positive aspect of the day was that the staff was wonderful and heartwarming toward us they were very kind.The tourist guild showed us the city for the first time and I started to learn about the culture of the Spanish people, I also took many photos of mountains and the view of the whole city as well as statues.

Challenges Encountered

The challenges that I faced were trying to find the right bus that goes to my work placement than after it was hard to communicate with people as I didn’t know how to speak Spanish that well.


Overall I feel that the first day in Granada was very exciting as I wanted to explore the city, but it was also hard to understand the sigh in the street to follow as I got lost trying to find my way back, the people were very nice and friendly when we were exploring the city for the first time .


Visit to the Work Placement

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