Blog Entry 05

Diary Number: 05

Date: 16/11/18


Daily Summary

Today I went early to my  work placement at 8:45 am. because the staff they are organised a fair for the children. we took a  bus at 9.00 and got there by 9.45. Hanna the English teacher gave me job of look after the autistic child . in the fair they told the kids a story on a book called monsters after that the  children took pictures next to the big poster of the character in the book. later the children went to sand and they played together by building sand castles with buckles and towels, after that all the children went to a room where they did coloring. when they were done coloring we went back to the work placement around 12.00

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

The positive aspect of the day was that i got a great experience of  how to take care of a autistic child, i learned a lot about how to take care of them and help them thought out the day with there needs.

Challenges Encountered

Today the challenges I encountered was that i had to take care of the child because he didn’t want to leaves the sand as he wants to play more. other challenges was that he didn’t  want to do coloring and i was trying to help him participate.


I feel very happy because i was able to take care of the child properly thought out the day. and i also enjoyed the trip with the children as i had a good time with them.


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