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Diary Number:9


Daily Summary

My final day of work placement and I have a meeting with the director so as to discuss how my placement has gone and to also see the finished draft from my PowerPoint task that he assigned me to carry out. And for my evaluation on my work sheet.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

After a very pleasant meeting with the director “Juan” we spoke about the company as a whole, as they have places throughout Southern Spain. He told me that they mostly had hostels and self-catering apartments due to the difficulty in finding Chefs and in the hotels that they do own it is just Self-Service Breakfast. The positive aspect has to be the fact that I received all excellent in my form.

Challenges Encountered

My challenge of today was to make my way to the front of the shoppers in the local market and to try and do so politely but with not so polite locals all trying to get bargains.


I am happy with how my evaluation form was filled out and that the Director was happy with me although I really had not much communication with him. And that my bargaining skills are not bad in Spanish.


The cultural aspect today is that the locals are just or if not more enthusiastic in getting a bargain on “Black Friday” as we are.

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