Blog Entry Day 8

Diary Number: 8


Daily Summary

Today we had new child in the class. We had to make sure that she feels welcome in the classroom. Today I also read the story to babies. After lunch I was in different classroom. I watched how teacher interact with children during circle time. It was first time today when I was observing circle time for full time.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

I know now what teachers in Spain doea durong circle time. I also was using proms while I was reading a book for babies.

Challenges Encountered

I rhink that new child in the classroom didnt like when I spoke English with her because she was gettong upset all the time when I talked to her. So language barrier today was really big thing. I also was a bit nervous while I was reading book.


I think I dis well while I was reading book for babies becayse it was hard to keep them interested when they are so young. But they were all interested and listened my story.


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