Erasmus Diary Italy Week 1

Daily Summary

Today is another beautiful morning in Rimini. We took an earlier bus to the school as it can be busy in the morning and sometimes the journey can take longer.When we arrived at the school we meet with the Principal for the first time and they got a student who speaks good English to help us with our translation. The first class that I was in this morning was an English/business class so the teacher asked me to speak with the class about Brexit and to read with them to help with their pronunciation.The students we very interested and interactive. The are all very friendly and helpful. The teacher explained to me about students with a Special need in the class and explained that they have a variety of complex issues from educational, social or behavioural.

Learning & Positive Aspects of Week 1

I feel that this experience has thought me a lot about how to communicate without a language and how to keep students calm in different situations. We brought them to a supermarket where they had a list to follow and they had to find everything independently, they then had to pay and wait patiently for everyone to finish. I can see a lot of good techniques that I feel will benefit me in the future as an SNA .

Challenges Encountered

Some of challenging situations I was in were in relation to being unsure of the circumstances around the students Iwas dealing with because they can go out of control really quickly so you need to be alert at all times. You also don’t have the language if you need to call for help,even though educators are with you ,you can still feel insecure.


I feel a great sense of achievement having been given the chance to work with these students and being able to cope well everyday and actually really enjoy. I enjoy going into the school everyday and the teacher told me yesterday that the students look forward to us coming in everyday. This helps to give me more confidence in my work and also makes me realise that I have chosen the right course and that I have a lot to give to children with Special Needs.


Since arriving in Rimini the weather has been beautiful, sun is shining almost everyday. We have been to Florence which is very beautiful and to San Leo. Today we are going to Ravenna. The teacher explained that this is a very beautiful place and I that all the Italian people are very proud of the Italian food and culture.

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