Erasmus Diary Granada Spain Week 1

Weekly Summary

Arrived in granada on Monday 11/02/19. At 11.30AM went to presentation in company. At 18.30 we had welcome tour.Tuesday 12/02/19 started work experience in day care centre started at 9am and finished at 2pm we met with the staff and the people came in buses at different times first the had breakfeast and then they went to different activities, then they had exercises and then dinner we were told how their day went and what they did then later they went home about 40 people during the day.On wednesday 13/02/19 went to work experience at 9am we helped the people off the first busI assisted bringing in the people in wheelchairs and brought them into dining room for breakfeast I helped with breakfeast and I got to know some of their names. After breakfeast Iassisted them to activity room and helped with activities.On thursday 14/02/19 I started work experience at 9am I assisted in helping people from bus and helped with breakfeast and helped with brain activities. I then helped with lunch and assisted with feeding and also assisted with toileting finished at 2pm. On friday 15/02/19 I started work experience at 9am I helped in dining room with breakfeast and washed up after also helped with lunch and wash up. After lunch I assisted to shower a person that was in wheelchair. Finished at 2pm.

Learning & Positive Aspects of Week 1:

The positive aspects of the week were I got to see what it was like to work in a day care centre and got to meet very friendly and nice people. I got to assist with feeding, toileting and showering it was a great experience and the staff were very helpful and friendly and made us very welcome.

Challenges Encountered :

The challenges that I encountered was the language they spoke very fast in spanish and they had no english it was difficult.


I really enjoyed the challenge and I got on very well there one of the staff said through google translator that I did very good at assisting in work experience.


We went to visit some of the cathedrials and spanish buildings and tried the spanish food it is a beautiful place and the spanish people are very helpful and friendly we also went to flamenco show on the 14/02/19 it was very good.Today we went to Cordoba and saw Mezquita Cathedral also saw Alcazar Royal Palace it was amazing.

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