Granada (spain) Work experience 2019 at Centro Dis, Atarfe. Adults day care centre from the 11-22 February 2019

Monday the 11th February 2019 was the introduction of site for work placement.

On Tuesday the 12th of February 2019 , highly present were students from the Mallow college of further education at the day care centre in Atarfe Granada. we were introduced to service users and staff by the director of the centre.

We engage with staff and assisted in serving breakfast to the 35 elderly men and women, Google translator helped us in communication. we ask relevant questions to know about individual care plan.

Staff introduced us weekly activities, which includes, the bus dropping off service users in the morning and transporting them back home in the evening.

The occupational therapist and the physiotherapy also assisted in showing us their various activities, like physical body movement, massage, electrotherapic and speech therapy. The social worker also introduced to us some activities like spellings,painting, colouring, counting,addition, subtraction, Bingo- games and drawings.

The daily routines are standards axcept on a Thursdays when kids from the ages of 1-3 years coming from the nursery will interact with the elderly and do some colouring, drawing, singing,and some funs.

The break fast start as early as 09 am to 10 am

Other activities start at 10.00 am with services users going to various area of interest.

Lunch is served from 13.30 pm. daily.

Students of Mallow college also had the opportunity to meet other students from Poland who actively joint together for a welcome tour in Granada.

Exciting activities included the Flamenco show, trip to Cordoba, The Albaicin Tour, Sacramento Tour, certificate farewell party, Realejo Tour and the trip to Malaga was an amazing,exciting and most enjoyable part of the great venture.

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