Last Day in Spain …..Malaga trip

SummaryWhat an unbelievable experience ..I am so grateful to have received this oppirtunity.We had 2 weeks of sharing the lives of the students and teaching staff at Ciudad de ninos Grenada,a multi national school dealing with students from many hardship backgrounds and diffucult life experiences. We also enjoyed the warmth of the Grenada people while many cultyral nights and walks around their city. Our tripsto Cordoba and Malaga were among some of the wonderful memorable highlights.Learning and positive aspects from the trip.My spanish and communication with the staff and students improved over the two weeks as well as my ability to work in a classroom situation. My work placement had a really posituve attitude and I enjoyed working with them over the two weeks ..and was very touched to receive my leaving memorabilia .Challenges encountered.The first day working on 4 hours sleep being the only group to start on the Monday after artiving ..We were not mentally or physically prepared for this..Adapting to the school routine of being locked in during the school day. The language barrier especially with the children . Coming home in the evening and preparing suitable songs and games for the children.Self evaluationComing on this trip away from the family took me out of my comfort zons but its an expetience I will treasure as it has given me tge confidence I can adapt to any situation even if communication barriers are presented to me.I was amazed by the laid back attitude of the school allowing the children to play without enforced boundries both inside and outside the classroom. I think this experience will be invaluable to me as I look for a future school administrative or SNA post.CulturalThe city has lovely museams ..Churches and architecture..but my highlight definatley was our Malaga trip ..I am not into art but to visit the birth place of Pablo Picasso and the gallery displaying his painting gave me an insight I would never had experienced into this renowned artist.A few if my highlights

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