Erasmus Diary Granada Week 2

The Amphitheatre in Malaga only recently excavated.

Week Summary

I learnt a lot this week. There was the correct level of staff in the hotel and we had the opportunity to cover all aspects work. I became confident in taking bookings, preparing the paperwork for guests to check out. I really enjoyed meeting new people from all over the world. I was happy to be able to show them the local map and direct them to the places of interest whilst in Granada . 

Learning & Positive Aspects of Week 2

I had the opportunity to cover every aspect of working as a receptionist in the hotel from check-in to checking out of the guest. The staff in the hotel were very welcoming and made us feel comfortable.

Challenges Encountered

The language was a barrier in many instances however many people can speak a little English. I felt challenged personally that I can only speak one language, a good grasp of the basics of other languages would be an advantage. I felt home sick more in the second week but when I threw myself into the work I soon forgot about it.


Overall I had an amazing time in Granada. It was a great opportunity and I learnt a lot about myself. It was good to learn how to adapt quickly and think on your feet as different situations arose. I feel I have gained so much confidence in my own abilities and I now feel able to take on bigger challenges going forward.


Granada is such a beautiful place a complete world away from Ireland. It was wonderful to enjoy the sunshine in the small cobbled streets and enjoy the old buildings of the area. The food and drink was different and tasty and I enjoyed trying all the different dishes. We had the chance to see the Flamenco dancing in the first week and I really enjoyed it, it was so intense and captivating. We enjoyed trips to Cordoba and Malaga as my photos show, again very beautiful places. It was truly a trip of a lifetime.

We visited Picasso’s home now made into a museum.

The view of Malaga from the Alcazar

Amazing street art from a local artist in Granada

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