Week 3

Sadly our last week, i have really enjoyed my time here , my work placement was amazing , I really could not have asked for a better place , I was so welcomed and I’m greatful for that as it made it so much easier to get up at 6am (5am irish time)and go to work as I found it exciting and I can’t thank Mallow college, ZNI and Gordana enough for this fantastic opportunity .

This week we got to ” Pohorje” the ski slopes we got to take the cable cars right up to the top and thenwe got to do a hike to go up higher , it was tough a times but it was well worth it all when we got there, it was amazing, we got to see some log cabins and there was a bike trail too for the very adventurous lunatics that we got to see go down it . Madness!!!

Also myself a two girls hiried two scooters and a bike and we had a great laugh , we were sorry we didn’t do it sooner .

We celebrated our last day on a roof top bar where we enjoyed a few drinks and cakes complementary from ZNI and we received our Erasmus certificates, we ended the day by enjoying the Burger and Beer festival and then on to a latino club called Fuegos .

It was the perfect ending to a fantastic three weeks, Iv made so many friends and also I have learned a lot about myself ,about my strengths and my weaknesses . I can’t recommend applying for Erasmus enough as it’s a real learning curve and a fantastic experience.

Thank you so much to everyone involved

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