Unique Market Positioning

An interesting outcome from our visit to FOR Consulting was how well they commercialise their Moodle platform. They have strong links with industry and deliver distance learning to employees in a range of different sectors. But their content is also quite varied!

As well as the typical soft skills material they also have training in technical skills such as forklift driving, teleporter operating, etc.

This means they can upskill individuals on behalf of companies, saving them the time and cost of delivering training and therefore can position themselves as an important external asset to these organisations.

These strong ties foster repeat business and help organisations like FOR Consulting to carve a unique niche for themselves in the training market.

The key to eConmerce is to be niche, to be a specialist in something that is not commonly sold or delivered.

Distance training in more technical skills might just be one way to achieve this market uniqueness. The time and investment in the initial preparation of the content will be heavy, but once it is done it can be delivered on an ongoing basis.

Nothing worthwhile comes easily!!

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