Granada Day 6

Diary Number: 6

Date: 10/11/18

Daily Summary

After a great day in Seville on Saturday and a relaxing day on Sunday its back to the groin stone today. Got to work  @ 8.45 with my usual welcome Buenos Dias, there was an extra member of staff on so i didn’t have as much as id like to have to do so i prepared me power point presentation for Thursday translating it into Spanish so i would be organised. One of the service users asked me to do English with him, so i done a half hour of one to one with him. we gone some hand and feet  stretching exercise’s before lunch. i helped in the dining room to assist anyone who needed extra support with feeding and also helped give out the lunches. it was raining so heavy when i finished work i thought i was back in Ireland for a minute. i worked on assignments for the evening and chilled in the apartment.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

I really enjoyed the one to one time i spent doing English with the service user, as there was an extra member of staff on it allowed me more time to do this. I enjoyed doing the breathing exercises and stretches with the service users also.

Challenges Encountered

One gentleman was getting a bit frustrated because it was so wet and he couldn’t get out as often as he liked for a cigarette. i told him it was hes choice to go out and get wet not mine and when he heard it that way he calmed down.


I was happy how i defused the situation with the service user and the cigarettes before it got out of hand. I’m really happy that i’m picking up a little more conversational Spanish as i go along.


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