Bellissima Porto

Up the hill to the old city

Up and down via the steps
Tasting Porto🍷wine
From the boat⛴
Old city “the famous blue tiles”
On the top
Church and Castle
The narrow street
Ladies on the boat⛴
Another narrow street
Down the hill
Italian Style in Porto🛵
As antigens muralhas
Train station 🚉
The “Porto🍷man”
The metal bribge🌁 Ponte da Arrábida

Day 6 (02/11/2018)

Today we spent some hours in Porto, really beautiful amazing city, the Douro River catchs the 1000 colours of the “pittoresche” houses up and down the hills. Old city, narrow streets, small shops, “mercatini” and tasty Porto🍷wine. I really enjoyed it😘


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