Martes- Tuesday

Diary Number: 7

Date: 20.11.2018

Daily Summary

Today in work we were left without supervision. The owner of the hotels was in the office so if we were stuck we ask him for help but I think we are doing okay since we were allowed to work on our own.

After work we went to a massive shopping centre and just wandered around.


Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

We were put to the test by being on our own and the positive aspect is:

1. We build trust in the work place and we can relay on each other as colleagues.

2. Time management is essential and we managed that very well.


Challenges Encountered

Dealing with an awkward customer was challenging.



I enjoyed my work experience so far, even though not every customer is nice, overall it’s a positive experience for me. I think I am doing well.



In the evening our group went for craft beer tasting. On our arival we were greated by the owner, which later on we were also served by. We got to try 3 sacromonte beers: Pale Ale, IPA and Porter. Each beer kind was served with different tapas so all our taste buds were pleased.

Pale Ale cam with a platter of Serrano Ham in olive oil with crackers, olive oil and pickled  green olives. IPA was served with a platter of cheeses and crackers. Porto came with 80% dark chocolate with salt and jelly on top. All platters were displayed very well and the flavours matched the beer we were tasting at the time.

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