Blog Entry Day 8

Diary Number:8


Daily Summary

The week continues and it is hard to believe and disappointing that we have just a mere 3 days left.

In work placement it is really quiet and I have not really met anymore with the directors. I completed my required task and I feel as if it is just a winding down period now.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

The learning curve continues to be the language and even though each day produces new challenges in language it is also a positive aspect.

Challenges Encountered

The communication is a constant challenge, but also for me it is putting down the time in work placement. I should possibly have dragged out my assingment for them longer, but I was unaware that there would not be another task to complete before my time here ended.


I spent many years travelling for work, and I a happy to see that my love and passion for it is still so strong. Being a chef I am in constant bewilderment of the delightful cuisine that they have on offer here and that they put so much effort into the “Free Tapas” although it is a small portion and free there is still as much put into presenting it as there would be a larger dish.


Culturally the city is awash with it, but as soon as I knew I was coming on this work placement, Alhambra has been my main focus and after our tour last evening it didn`t disappoint, only way to say is WOW.

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