Blog Entry Day 7

Diary Number:9


Daily Summary

All is good and still exciting here in Spain, the weather is making us feel very at home. Had a local beer tasting last evening and the venue and the view were just spectacular.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

Being a chef has its advantages and I was offered a fulltime position here. I got to share some of my recipes and the chef in the place nearby gave me some of her recipes. She is French but living here for over 20yrs, On the upside, she seemed to really like my recipes.

Challenges Encountered

Although the chef is French and has really good English there is as always the language barrier, but I seemed to be able to communicate okay with her in my broken French and Spanish. And when it came to the topic of food and cuisine I feel as if it is almost a universal language.


pretty pleased with myself for being offered a fulltime job, but as it is back in the kitchen and my future plans are in a slightly more different roll I sadly had to decline.


The cultural aspect of the trip just keeps giving and giving the whole city is amass with it, and as there are many different cultures here and they all have there own piece and are keen to show it. It makes for very interesting viewing.

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