Erasmus week 1

Week 1 Monday.

Today was my first day heading to meet my work placement. I had a quick meet and greet with Raquel. She showed me around the day centre.


Feeling very nervous and excited about my first full day. Got the bus early and ended up being 20 mins early. Started my work at 9. I was introduced to all the staff members. At 9.30 a bus arrives and we must assist the patients off the bus into the building. There was a nurse that could speak English which was very convenient. She told me that for that day I was just to observe and watch what the staff were doing. So I observed them feeding, toileting and doing activities.


Got the usual bus and was there on time. Same process this morning, wait for the bus to arrive and assist them in at 9 30. This morning I fed a gentleman his breakfast. At ll.30 we go outside for a walk there is a lovely courtyard outside the back and I assist the ones that need it. We walk around for 30 mins. It is warm outside by then. After this we come back in and the OT will do some activities with them. Today they make some art for valentines day. I get to help them cutting and drawing hearts.


Arrive at work for 9. At 9 30 they arrive on the bus. I assist them in from the bus. Feed the same gentleman today. After our art work we go outside for a walk. Today I assist with toileting and use the hoist. I make puzzles and jigsaw with a lady. She is speaking Spanish to me but I can’t understand her and she can’t understand me. The language barrier is hard sometimes. The nurse that could speak English is only working there on Tuesdays.


Same process in the mornings. Bus arrives at 9.30. I have learned all their names so I can greet them all in the mornings off the bus with a friendly Hola ! We do art today they are starting art for el carnival it is a festival on the 27 th Feb, it is a feast day in Andalusia. At ll.30 we go for the walk. After this they come in and the OT reads the newspaper for them. After this they have their lunch and I hand out the lunches and clear the tables, wash up and then it is home time.

Challenges encountered

Figuring out the bus routes and times can be confusing . The language barrier is quite difficult with the elderly people at the day centre. Using Google translate is ok but sometimes it does not translate exactly what you are saying . It gets lost in translation.


Every evening we see something new. Granada is a very beautiful city with amazing buildings . The cathedral is particularly beautiful. We went to the nevada shopping centre it is huge. A shoppers paradise. I am happy with the basis Spanish I know. It is very satisfying to be able to ask for something even if it is just a coffee or beer and the person can understand you.

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