Week 1; Granada.

What a great first week! Our first accommodation was in a traditional cave house, it was an amazing experience to stay there. However, due to a lot of steps on the road up to the site entrance and another 64 down the fire escape to the cave, we opted to move to more conventional accommodation in an apartment. There is so much to see here, beautiful old buildings with magnificent paintings, sculptures, murals and architecture. Also, many museums, churches, etc., many of which have free entry. The bus and metro services are very efficient and make it easy to access locations high in the hills or long distances away. For everything else, we walk. The town centre, the restaurant where we have lunch/dinner, the shops, bazaars and many attractions are within walking distance. For work we take the Metro, with 15min. approx walking time at each end. Our place of work is a wood burning stove/wood pellet and solar panel provider. Frank, the office manager is really nice, while we are here for administration experience, both Cami and I would really like to get into the repair workshop!! The staff in the restaurant where we eat are really friendly, assisting us with info on local attractions, directions, etc. Peter, the chef is most accommodating, serving the foods we like with wonderful salad while working within his budget. The local people are also very friendly, showing great patience while we communicate in a combination of Spanish, English and sign language. The Malaga group came to Granada yesterday and we made the return trip today, a great opportunity to share experiences to date.

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