Blog Entry Day 3

Diary Number:3



Daily summary

Today was my 2nd day in my placement I feel like everyone is welcoming their and very friendly. The placement I am in is for 0-3 year olds, there are 3 rooms and each room is equipped for their age range. The rooms are very clean and are easy to clean with tiled floor and walls. Today I helped feed the children they have a 3 course lunch. I again helped with art work then all the children have a siesta at 2pm. After placement I went to Nevada shopping center for some shopping fun.


Learning and positive aspects of the day.

Today I was told they I’m to plan and implement an assembly for the children and organise a follow up activity I’m looking forward to completing this


Challenges encountered

I don’t feel I encountered any new challenges today. The language barrier is still their but we are still able to communicate basic.


Self evaluation

I am becoming familiar with the routine of the placement so more able to predict what’s coming next and be if more belonging the teachers and take more initiative and have things ready.

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