Relacja z pobytu uczniów z Mallow College cz.2

“Report on the stay of students at Mallow College part 2”

This is the second week of stay in Poland. The Erasmus + project “Mallow College of Further Education Erasmus Program” aims not only to provide internships, but also to show and exchange experiences. This week, we’ve been a bit frustrated, we’ve been teaching, we’ve trained, we’ve showed around and we’ve skated the guests. What? They are to remember their stay in Poland. Read for yourself what we have prepared for them:

Monday:  Students start week 2 of internships.  Afternoon cultural trip to Katowice.

Tuesday:  Students attend internships. In the afternoon al students visit the glass factory – Saint Gobain, the leader of the European market in glass production. The trip was aimed at introducing the company’s history as well as the glass production process itself. After listening to lectures, the group saw a fully automated and robotic production line.

Wednesday:  Students attend internships. Followed by an afternoon IT course hosted in TZN. We made sure that project participants gained the ability to deal with programming or database. The main assumption of the training was to provide knowledge that will be useful in professional and private life … but … not man alone is living.

Thursday: Students attend internships.The time has come to face the strength of the nation. Preschoolers. As part of the project, childcare participants visited the kindergarten in Dąbrowo in order to get acquainted with the specificity of the work. How difficult work. In this kindergarten, there is an infinite energy deck and ideas worthy of MacGyver. Our guests coped well with Thursday’s task. We can boldly say that the potential of future educators is jammed in them. In the evening all particapnts visited Dąbrowa Górnicza, the Palace of Culture and Zagłębie. 10600 m2 of sightseeing. The palace opened its doors to the Theater Hall, Art Gallery, Agora Hall, Teatralny Piwnica and many other no less interesting rooms. P e K a Zet charmed, enchanted and hypnotized the Irish … for a long time.

Friday:  Students finish internships, accompanying tecahers from Ireland and TZN atteneded for debriefing session to the various work palcemnts.

In the evening we host an Irish Day. We invited the participants of the program to our school and showed them how we celebrate Irish Day. Presentations, exhibitions, concerts, dances … you could not get bored. It was green, white and orange …. it was Irish. And finally the icing on the cake … a friendly match between Poland and Ireland. Let two teams fight and win a draw.

Saturday: Due to the fact that the winter was already strongly felt by our guests … we took them to a place that is associated with heat … but ONLY they associate:) Poland Sahara … was sand, mirage … but there were no camels. Nevertheless, the largest desert in Europe has made for a hugely impressive impression. The tour warmed up our guests so much that they let us talk to them to cool down. We showed them how to marry in Dąbrowa Górnicza – it is a sport of extreme kind:) Several daredevils could be persuaded to be cold. The second part of the day under the title: Polish and familiar. We appeared in the countryside. Polish traditional meals, horseback riding, bonfire … I love Poland. The Irish told us that it was the best that happened to them.

Sunday: Everything that is good ends quickly. This is the last day of your stay in Poland. We had the opportunity to have a gala dinner with our guests. Handing out participation certificates in the Erasmus + project, thanks, memories …. And the tears in my eye turned around.

These two weeks are not only the time of admiring, watching and tasting Poland, it’s work, exchange of experiences and learning. An intense time. It was nice and fun. The Irish were captivated and enchanted by their bulk and lack of bad attitude towards life. We will miss them. And we hope to see you.

(Technical Scientific Institutes in Dąbrowa Górnicza TZN).

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