Today we visited a wonderful centre, the APACI in Barcelos.

APACI work with adults who suffer from intellectual disabilities and have a range of programmes whose aim is to encourage students to gain employment in the workforce in areas such as kitchens, laundries and hospitality. Their programmes include Gardening, Cooking, Catering, Hotel Services and Construction.

They place students with employers who part cover their wage (up to 20%) and they have an incredible 60% success rate in keeping their jobs once their placements conclude after completing  3,600 hours.

We saw a range of different teaching styles, from practical hands on work, to teacher supervised online learning.

Interestingly, the teacher with the online class had the students in groups watching the session which would aid in group learning!

They also keep plastic bottle tops and get reimbursements from enterprise which helps raise funds for the centre!!

Roll on Day 2!









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