Day 1 Granada Introductions

Diary Number: 1

Date: 12th of November 2018

Daily Summary

Today we were introduced to the staff at our work placement, and shown around the building. We walked down through Granada for about twenty minutes and arrived in the morning to the setting.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

The staff are friendly and welcoming. They helped us familiarize us with the students and staff there. We were shown around each room and introduced. Each room catered for the children individually and a lot was going on. I’m looking forward to working with he staff and children in the next couple of weeks. I see a lot of learning opportunities as this is a brand new experience for me.

Challenges Encountered

The staff only speak Spanish and I was asked to translate for my classmate, there was a lot of information to relate back to and I felt a little stressed trying to pick up words I wasn’t to sure about. The setting is unfamiliar to me as I’ve never worked in  a school like this one, but I see a great opportunity to experience and learn more throughout the time I will spend here.


I didn’t realize I was able to translate! I learned a new skill today! I also was surprised that I understood a lot of Spanish. Some people are easier to understand than others depending on the accent. I felt nervous too with being in an unfamiliar environment.


Granada is beautiful, the streets are paved with pebbles , the roads alike. Surrounded by beautiful, ancient buildings that date back hundreds of years. The  traffic is fast paced, the people are very friendly. As you walk through the Main Street your bombarded with languages, sites, smells and different sounds. With a  huge choice of tapas and bars, we are spoilt!

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