Moodle/Google Classroom and Cultural Experiences

Today we had many insightful observations in relation to Google Classroom/Moodle and E-learning.

Discussions today have led me to believe that Google classroom is a highly innovative learning tool. It enables students to access class materials from their own electronic device. I think the most valuable attribute to Google Classroom is the immediate feedback that can be given and received between students and teachers. It focuses on a formative approach to assessment and veers from the traditional summative assessment. Moodle also enables teachers to video-record the class material for a student who cannot attend a class. The teacher can grant whom he/she wishes to access this material. Seems to be a very fair approach?

E-Learning seems to be the way forward, however, I hope it is not the only way forward. Personnally, I think that a combined approach to teaching and learning is most beneficial. Teaching is such a humane profession, it would be a shame to lose the personal connections. This supports a blended approach to learning  whereby E-learning becomes one of the many tools used to assist student learning.

In relation to the cultural aspect to our day, we were spoiled for choice. I began the day with a morning run around Bareclos. One of my observations was how religious the Portuguese community is. Today is All Saints Day, and it seemed as though most of the local citizens attended some religious ceremony to remember their loved ones. There was a real sense of community! One of my colleges mentioned that it was no surprise to him that Portugal recently won the European Championships as everywhere we go, there is evidence of fantastic soccer infrastructure and facilities, particularly in the schools.

To finish off the day, of course we had a spot of shopping. Barcelos really doesn’t disappoint! Looking forward to tasting some locally produced food later this evening!

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