Primer dia en Granada- First day in Granada

Diary Number: 1

Date: 12.11.2018

Daily Summary: First day down! We had an early start, after a long night of travels. 2.00a.m local time- arrived in Granada.

After few hours of sleep we all got to meet our employers. So yes, we had to work. Let me tell you, google maps is a great friend in Granada as there are so many little streets and turns. I am grateful that my workplace is just around the corner.

We were shown around the workplace and introduced to our tasks. Hotel Molinos start getting busy at 8a.m. That’s when breakfast starts. The starting time tomorrow: 8.00a.m.

Positive Aspects of the Day: People

People of Granada are incredible. They are so welcoming and helpful.

Challenges Encountered: Spanish language

The obvious challenge we all will be facing for the next two weeks is the language barrier.

Cultural: Beautiful old town, architectural masterpieces and the local cuisine.

After work we were taken on a tour of Granada.

Not only Granada’s scenery is breath taking, surrounded by Sierra Nevada mountains (mountain range covers in snow), but the building brought us back in time. Beautiful building are dating back from under Arabic rule and the beginning of the Catholic epoch in Granada, which displaced the Moors in the late 14th century.

Walking through the beautiful pebble streets, the lingering smell of local cuisine makes you stop by the surrounding open restaurants full of people enjoying their meal, drinks and of course, tapas.

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