Week 2, Granada.

We had a good week in our work placement, mainly processing invoices and updating product specs and prices. All completed with detailed instructions from Adrian. We also took time to explore more of the wonderful attractions Granada has to offer. The Hospital Real, a magnificent building with four courtyards and beautiful architectural features.The hospital opened at the beginning of the 15th century and catered for victims of syphilis, plague, mental illness and in later years was a refuge for foundlings and women in need.The pharmacy remains in it’s original state with a large selection of medicine jars, bottles and equipment. The ceiling has a wonderful mural.

The Basilica Inmaculada San Juan de Dios has a stunning main alter, side alters and ceiling.

The Zambia De Maria LA Canastera was a wonderful experience on Saturday night. It was held in a cave dwelling, the former home of ‘La Canastera’, a famous dancer who learned the flamenco from an early age in the Sacramonte. The shows continue to be staged by her son and other family members. The kitchen and bedroom remain in their original state, the main room has a large selection of photos and memorabilia.

The flamenco is very passionate dance. This came through throughout the performances of each of the dancers, singers and musicians. It was great to be so close to the action is this wonderful setting.

The Festival of Granada started on Saturday night. On Sunday we had lunch in Plaza Bib-Ramble. There were two carousels there, one made from wood and one from tyres. Both were operated by men on bicycles. How eco friendly is that??

We also had a lovely lunch in the Gran Cafe Bib-Rambla, traditional Spanish dishes finished off with strawberry ice-cream.

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