Day 2 Granada Work Experience

Diary Number: 1

Date: 13th of November 2018

Daily Summary

Today was officially the first day of work experience here in Granada. I arrived at 10am. I was sent to a room with older children with learning difficulties. I had a hands on experience helping children with their work, which included learning about road signs, numbers and some basic Math.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

I learned new words in Spanish today thanks to one of the students! I worked one to one with one student in the morning. She was very friendly and I enjoyed her company. She had a lot to talk about and I thought she was the sweetest! I felt confident by the afternoon. I was working with another student doing road signs. I got a good feel for the classroom and routine.

Challenges Encountered

The speech was hard for me to understand and I didn’t know some words in Spanish. I had to write in Spanish a few times too and use google translate to communicate. I felt out of my element with it came to education with the students. This is my first time in a special ed unit.


I felt like I work well in unexpected situations. I realize I can cope under a little stress and anticipation. I want to know more and eager to learn more about the full curriculum of the students.


While on placement there were two other students from Spain on experience. I found out students work in the mornings then the go to universidad in the evenings. The day is very long for them.

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