Erasmus Diary Italy Week 1

Daily Summary

The first day of work placement I was very nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. The teachers and students in the school were all very welcoming which really helped. Each morning we wake up at 6.30 to be ready to get the first bus at 7.45. We then get off at the bus stop and get another bus to the school. Each day we all get assigned to a child and we shadow the child and their sna. I also had to go to the older classes and speak to them in English and tell them about Ireland and how it differs to Italy in different aspects. 

Learning & Positive Aspects of Week 1

I was entrugied by the school system for special needs children in this school. I very quickly learned how the special needs teachers interact with the children who have disabilities and all the different opportunities they get in this school. I learned how to stay calm in a situation where a child is throwing a tantrum and not listening to the SNA. 

Challenges Encountered

I certainly faced a few challenges in the first week. The language barrier was a huge challenge and I found it hard to interact and understand the teachers and students. Also at the beginning I was quite nervous as it was a new atmosphere and place for me and I didn’t know the people around me which was definitely a challenge. 


I was very happy with how I worked all week. I definitely tried my best with everything I was assigned to and I really have made the most of the experience I am getting. 


The buildings in Rimini are amazing to look at. I have been entrigued by the gorgeous views. The pizza and pasta in Rimini has been the best I have ever tasted. I am also starting to pick up more Italian as each day goes on. 

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