Blog Entry Day 2

Diary Number: 2

Date: 13/11/2018

Daily Summary

Today I went to my work placement. Didn’t start work as I don’t start until 10 pm. When I arrived at my work placement I was brought into a room where I meet the support teacher Marife and there also was two other girls in the room who were there on work experience as they were in their first year of university and finding out they spoke a little English was a relief.  In her room, there are 4 students in her room ranging from 9-19. They are all in wheelchairs and needs specific facilities as they either can”t eat/ swollow, can’t talk, can’t see or even hardly breathe on their own for a certain amount of time.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

What I learned from being in my work placement today was that its all hands on when the children have physical disabilities and intellectual disabilities and are in wheelchairs.

Challenges Encountered

Challenges I have encountered today is that the language barrier was a problem as I can’t speak Spanish and they can’t really speak English much so I’m am using Google translate for most of the day but when I’m talking to the other girls that are doing their work experience I wasn’t using it.


Being in my work placement, seeing the children the way they are is very hard and being in that room you must be mentally and physically able to be there.


After work placement, we had a few hours of free time so we could do our own thing but at 8:45 pm we went to see the Flamencos where they sang in Spanish and were dancing. It was nice to see and interesting.

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