Day 9 Granada

Diary Number: 9
22nd of November 2018

Daily Summary

Today upon arrival we asked the staff if they would take pictures with us, they agreed that we would after playtime. I arrived in the classroom and the class said their prayers as usual. Then we got to work, I worked with a boy on directions, he was learning positions and directions in a textbook. Then we wanted to rest and we spoke about his xbox and games he likes to play, he said he wanted to visit Japón (Japan) and his friend would like to go to Hollywood they said one day they want to travel together. Both children are wheelchair bound, but that doesn’t stop them they have big dreams and I have every faith in them that the will do it.

After that was playtime and we took photos with the members of staff we worked with for the past two weeks. It was emotional! Then we went back into the class, I was asked to draw a picture of a postcard so the children can color and paint on it. The staff liked what I drew and made many photocopies. I like to think I’m leaving a part of me there with the children.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

As our time is coming to an end I’m really soaking up every little bit, making the most of the time I have left here. Tomorrow is our last day and the centre and I really am going to miss everyone. I enjoyed today and everything that we did. I discovered as well Google translate does something really cool! If you download the app, there is a camera, if you hold the camera on top of some text in Spanish, it will change the words live for you, this really helped me work with the child.

Challenges Encountered

Its hard to think tomorrow we won’t be here anymore, I am really going to miss all the children and their warm hugs! I feel sentimental about the whole thing. Toda was special but also hard.


I felt so confident today with the children I asked them more questions and got to know them more, i felt like I made an effort talking to the staff even though I might make mistakes, I feel like I have to make mistakes to learn!


I needed to go to the farmacia today and they were all closed, I also wanted to go to the salon the other day and found out a lot of shops close from 2 and open at 6 for the evening. Siesta isn’t really a time for sleeping though I found out it’s really lunchtime and a time to take a break, as shops open very late in Spain. Dinner isn’t till about 8 or 9 too!

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