Granada Day 3

Diary Number: 3

Date: 14/11/18

Daily Summary

headed to work at 8 am by bus. Helped with the morning routine as the service users arrived to bring them from the bus and those who were having breakfast, i assisted with feeding. I done some coloring with the service users today mainly colouring by number. some of the staff were demonstrating the flamingo traditional dance for me and i done some Irish dancing which everyone seemed to enjoy. I helped with personal care/showering and toileting. After the activities we brought all of the service users into the dining room for their lunch. I helped with the c;leaning up after lunch. Before i knew it my work day was over. I got the bus back to the city center and browsed around for an hour or two before meeting up with the rest of the group and heading to the Nevada Shopping Center, its huge you’d want a day to see it lol. We headed back to the apartment and chilled for the night.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

I assisted with showering a service user today which is something I hadn’t done for several years so I was very happy to help complete this task. I enjoyed when the staff done a demonstration of the Flamingo and i did some Irish dancing for them. I really enjoyed going to the shopping centre i love seeing different shops.

Challenges Encountered

This morning I missed my bus stop as there was no signal and I couldn’t get the accurate stops. I had to run to make my work placement as the last thing i wanted to be was late. I arrived in plenty of time i had panicked for no reason. One the service users got very frustrated with a member of staff and was very vocal I got a fright as I wasn’t expecting it, it was dealt with quickly and easily.


I’m very proud of myself getting around a strange city by myself, learning new cultures and doing different things. I’m very happy with how my work placement is going and I feel I’m giving it 100%


Some pictures of my work placement Parque Almunia. A Daycare setting for the Elderly.


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