Granada Day 4

Diary Number: 4

Date: 15/11/18

Daily Summary

Went to work by bus. This morning after id assisted to bring all of the service users in from the different modes of transport. I assisted in the dining room and helped with the wash up. I took a lady for a walk around the garden as it was a beautiful day.  As an activity we done Maths and English words with the service users. they really seemed to enjoy it. I assisted with the morning Teas and then helped with toileting those who required assistance. I gave a few of the female service users a hand massage with hand cream and they were delighted. after work i headed back to the apartment i wasn’t feeling to well so i had a lie down. there was a tour of the old part of the city organised but unfortunately i wasn’t feeling up to going. so id a relaxing evening in the apartment.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

It was great to see how interactive the service users were when i was doing the Maths and English with them. I enjoyed the one to one interaction when i took a service user for a walk in the garden. i was using Google Translate to talk to her and it was great.

Challenges Encountered

As i wasn’t feeling too well in work today i found the day long and thats why i choose not to do the evening tour.


Im feeling more and more confident each day in my placement.



Cathedral In Granada pictures don’t do it any justice its only beautiful.








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