First week down!

Diary Number: 5

Date: 16.11.2018

Daily Summary: Dealing with customers

So today was a bit of a challenge. At the reception we had a guest that arrived yesterday and let’s just say, there was no pleasing her. She arrived yesterday night and unfortunately she lost her cards and documents. These things happen, but she was very rude and expected everyone to jump at her feet.

In Spain, without a valid document with a photo I.D you cannot process a guest. The system here is very safe as the details of each guest that is 16 years of age or over must be taken down by the receptionist. Then they are passed to the police through  an online system.

After work we visited the local shops, admired some architecture and enjoyed some tapas.


Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day:

Entering personal data through the online system and sending them to the police.


Challenges encouneter:

Rude customer.



I dealt with the customer calmly and in a professional manner which cooled things off and we came to a solution.



People in Spain love animals. There are dogs everywhere. My supervisor brings his dog into the office and in a lot of shops you would  find when walking in that there is a dog or a cat there. They are friendly, just like the people.


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