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Diary Number: 3

Date: 14.11.2018

Daily Summary:

When we landed at work this morning we had a lot of work laid out for us. We had to count how many guests we had from April to October. The hotel is very fond of using paper and not a computerized system so we had to do it all manually, where a computer would of done it in a few seconds. Although it was great to see how things were done before computers took everything over. After we had a short tour of the rooms in the hotel and the other building also we got to go see the hotel garage. We also got to go to the roof top and got to experience some amazing views of Granada.

When we were finished counting all the guests and had our tour we got to visit the other hotel Carlos V, and bring some paperwork to them. The hotel is was very nice and it was great to go out for the walk.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day:

It was great to see how things were done on paper instead of working everything off the computer, while working on paper it takes more time so the morning didn’t feel as long.

Challenges Encountered:

Again the language was a challenge because I still didn’t understand what some of the words ment on the computer and the paper also while serving breakfast I couldn’t understand the guests. While counting the guests for each month we were short the 27th day and we couldn’t understand why until we realized the sheet was missing.


I think today went well and we managed to solve the problem well.


We got to experience some amazing buildings in Granada from the rooftop of our Hotel work experience. We could see the tops or the cathedral and it was amazing!

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