Day 6

Diary Number: 6

Date: 1
9th of November 2018

Daily Summary

To start the week the children and students write on the board the day, month and year. The teachers put up visuals and a calendar to help them understand when and what month we are in. The classroom was the decorated in leaves and the word autumn in Spanish was stuck to the windows. The children also sticking with the autumn theme, crushed walnuts ready for a cake they are going to make on Wednesday. Then they cut the recipe up to stock into their own recipe books, with the theme autumn bakes.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

It was busy today, we had plenty of hands on activities, children came in in out of physical and language therapy throughout the morning and afternoon. The center is fabulous for holistic development they really take care of the hole child.

Challenges Encountered

While on of the children’s were out I thought I could help with the work and cut out a few pictures for her recipe book, however upon return this upset her, she likes to do her own work. And started to shout. This made me feel uncomfortable.


If I overthink Spanish I tend to not speak, I fear sounding stupid or like a child, my confidence has been shot a little since my Spanish was corrected last week however o need to break through the comfort zone and just accept the corrections, it’s the only way I’m going to advance in Spanish.


The rain in Spain is bad! It’s very heavy and full on. It’s been raining all day today. People will walk around the streets and life goes on as usual with their paraguas (umbrellas)

(Photo, rain in Malaga)

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