Blog Entry

Diary Number: 5

Date: 16.11.2018

Daily Summary:

When we arrive this morning we were informed a guest had arrived but unfortunately she had misplaced some of her documents and was running low on money. We were trying to be very calm and helpful but she was a handful! She was very rude and expected us to do everything for her. In Spain the system is very good and safe when guests over the age of 16 arrive they have to present an ID card or passport and their information is passed into the police system that all hotels have.

After work we went to look around Granada and enjoyed looking at some architecture and enjoyed some tapas.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day:

It was very interesting to process guests information to the police system as iv never seen it before.

Challenges Encountered:

The main challenge of the day was having to deal with the rude customer.


I think the day went well and I think I handled the the situation with the customer professionally.


I enjoyed looking at some architectural buildings on our stroll around they were very nice to look at.

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