Hermosa Granada- Beautiful Granada

Diary Number: 3

Date: 14.11.2018

Daily Summary: Spectacular Views

Today work was interesting. We had to sum up the number of guests we had since April to October. Because they don’t use a computerised database we had to do it all manually. Each day has a sheet with 21 slots, one for each room, then it is filled out by the receptionist and that’s how the rooms are booked. For example: If someone is booking and their request is for a twin room for 3 nights and you have the same room free for the first night and for the last night but not for the night in the middle, you need to rearrange everyone else so that the new booking will stay in the same room for the next three nights.

So today, I had to go through these sheets and sum up each day and then add them all up at the end of the month. The computerised database would have that done in seconds. It is good to experience the manual database but I can see that there is a lot of productivity lost and it is less efficient.

After that I got to visit the other hotel, Carlos V, and bring the paper work into the accountant. It was different but I enjoyed the walk and the hotel is very pretty.

We we had a tour of the hotel rooms today and got to see all of Granada from the top of my work placement. It is breath taking to say the least.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

Even though the manual system is time taking I enjoyed it as I like working with numbers and time flew for me.

Challenges Encountered

Because with the manual filing system there is a lot of paper work it is easy to misplace something. While summing up the month of September, I noticed that the 27th day was missing. In the computerised database you could just search it by typing in the date.


Over all I think today went well. I understood and enjoyed what I did today and didn’t come across any major problems.

Cultural: Jamón Serrano

Jamòn Serrano is a dry-cured Spanish ham from. The making of this ham dates back more than 2,000 years and it is the world’s most expensive ham.

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