Granada Day 7

Diary Number: 7

Date: 20/11/18

Daily Summary

After we’d finished the morning routine with breakfast and wash up etc. I helped the physiotherapist with the Physiotherapy session. I assisted some service users to walk on the parallel bars, i helped some of them with hand and foot exercises. When we were finished the Physiotherapy, i done some English with the group and then they done some Spanish with me. I was feeling a bit under the weather so after work i went to bed for the evening.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

I really enjoyed the Service Users doing the Spanish with me it was a different experience for me and i loved it. Doing the Physio with the Service users felt great, it was so good to be able to help.

Challenges Encountered

During the English class with the group i noticed that 2 of the service users were getting quiet vocal, i quickly realised it was that they were getting frustrated with the English and that was when i suggested that they teach me Spanish, this worked a treat.


I’m finding myself more and more confident both in the workplace and in the city as time goes by overall im really happy with how the experience and my performance is going.


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